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Animal shelters are overflowing with good dogs and cats.

Many of them have been waiting at the shelter for a very long time.

As the Pedigree commercial says,

“Shelter dogs aren’t broken.

They’ve simply experienced more life.

If they were human, we’d call them wise.

They would be the ones with tales to tell and stories to write,

the ones dealt a bad hand, and who responded with courage.

Do not pity a shelter dog.

Adopt one.”  

Adoption fees rarely cover the cost of vaccinating, testing, deworming, spaying/neutering, and microchipping an animal,

but they do help us pay for the veterinary care of the next animal in need.  

Our adoption fee is $100.00 for cats and $200.00 for dogs.  

Visit our Petfinder site for all available animals!

If you would like to adopt a cat or dog from Red Fern, you will need to:

1.  Submit an adoption application.

2.  Provide a vet reference - if you've owned a pet!

3.  Host a home visit.

4.  Complete an adoption contract.

5.  Provide a good life for your new family member for the rest of his life.

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